A whole new, easier way to start owning

Imagine if…


For the same price you’re paying in rent each month (or less), you could move from a multi-unit apartment to a multi-bedroom house.

The cash that’s going into your landlord’s account today – your hard-earned cash – could instead be used to continually increase equity in a home that you own with your homemates.

You had the freedom to move to a new city, the financial independence to find a great place to live on your terms, and direct connection to diverse and authentic people to help you easily make new friends and build lasting relationships. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Welcome to SocialEquity.

The Basics


in a safe, authentic way


with support & advocacy


the way you want


Trust is everything

The SocialEquity platform serves as the hub for our entire offering. It’s where you’ll go to connect with friends, find homes, apply for mortgages, make payments, even foster a positive and harmonious home life.


A new, more collaborative
way to lend

If the SocialEquity platform is the heart of our business, our patented mortgage is the brain. Introducing the Co-Ownership, Financially Friendly, Easily Exchangeable Home Loan. (We know that’s a mouthful, so you can just call it the COFFEE Mortgage for short.)


You can relax with everything
all-in-one place

One you’re in the home, the SocialEquity platform serves as a conduit for making payments and for managing your entire home ownership experience.

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